Tuesday, December 20, 2011


five years ago, at 9am, on december 19th, i became ashley lake. the last five years have been adventurous and wonderful. i am one of the luckiest girls around. jeff is my best friend and my biggest supporter. he is always motivating me to pursue my passions and to become better at whatever i choose to do. i love that he doesn't take a back seat. he always tries to enjoy my interests as well, and he will do anything to help me achieve my goals. it's easy to take our loved ones' qualities for granted, however, i have had the unfortunate experience of being apart a lot the last two years. while those separations were difficult and painful, i have come to appreciate my jeffrey even more. though, i am far from perfect, i am lucky to have a partner to encourage to be my best self.

enough cheese! here are some pics from our wedding day c/o, my good friend and former roommate, jessie. she's amazing! 

my good friend dorthea. (the awesome capelet is hers)

my other best friends and supporters (my sisters)
we celebrated, friday, by going to the melting pot in downtown slc. it is my absolute favorite restaurant. here's to forever!

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the brundages said...

Cute! So sweet to include me. Remember our sleepover the night before? That was so much fun getting out the jitters with you.